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Flashing Brake Lights Make A Difference - Check Out The Facts

With our roads so seriously congested it's easy to see why Rear-end crashes are not only one of the most frequently occurring types of crashes, but also are responsible for a large number of injuries and fatalities and substantial property damage every year. All it takes is for a driver to be travelling too closely to the vehicle in front of them and for the driver in front to make an emergency stop and then BANG! 

  A small price to pay fo safety.

People are programmed to react to flashing lights, they are everywhere,  our peripheral vision can picks up flashing warning lights, so even someone that is not paying as much attention as they should while driving will get alerted.

This type of car accident is also most likely to cause whiplash injuries which are not always as insignificant as sometimes assumed. Whiplash can lead to a myriad of symptoms from headaches and dizziness to severe neck and back pain.

Be Seen - Be Safe and avoid becoming a victim

Studies carried out by Daimler Benz prove that peoples reaction time is quicker with flashing brake lights than without. The studies found that at a speed of 50 mph (80.5 kph) the increased reaction time reduces the stopping distance by approximately 14.5 feet ( 4.2m), and at 65 mph (105 kph) by around 20 feet (6.2 Metre's)   That's nearly 2 car lengths'  See Chart

The compact Blinking Smart Stop has been developed to provide an eye catching feature of your third brake light, especially designed to attract attention to you and your vehicle while braking.  It has been designed for easy installation and detachment.  

Compact and Easy To Install

   Blinking Smart Stop  Actual Size   

  These Modules will work with any standard  bulb as well as LED lighting technologies.

It causes your center high mounted brake light to automatically emit a visual alerting signal of 6 light flashes before entering into a steady Brake Light ON condition. This sequence has been selected to gain maximum attention of the driver following.

Blinking Smart Stop standard and delay version

Both the universal standard and "Delay" versions of the Blinking Smart Stop lets you maximize your Third Brake Light Effectiveness.      


Center High Mounted Stop Lights have displayed long-term effectiveness in reducing rear impact crashes by 4.3 percent in passenger cars and lightweight trucks. 

Whether you Drive or Ride Using the Blinking Smart Stop Flashing Brake Light module will increase that percentage even more. 

The "Delay-Repeat" circuit means the brake lights have to be off, for at least 8 seconds before the cycle can be restarted.   So, if you are in bumper-to-bumper traffic, the brake light isn't always flashing/pulsing when the brakes are applied.        

Emergency vehicles use flashing lights at all times because it attracts attention from other road users. So why not use the Blinking Smart Stop  to grab the attention of following drivers, and reduce your risk of being hit in a rear-end collision?

Compact and Easy To Install


The rapid blinking catches the attention of the driver behind you after which, many of them tend to keep their distance.

Lets you maximize your Brake Light effectiveness when you apply your brakes.

 Blinking Smart Stop Plus was designed with a second output and is intended to connect directly to the Main "Left" and "Right" brake lights, to automatically emit a visual alerting signal of 5 light flashes, before entering into a steady Brake Light ON condition.



Blinking Smart Stop Plus

Works with all vehicles that have separate brake lights connections


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